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Thursday 12 July 2018

Whatever happened to June?

Somehow, June managed to escape me.  I forgot to take photographs of the entries to the competition (which was for a trinket box) thus missing the opportunity for some very varied and attractive pictures.  Then I forgot the report ........... 

June was a busy month with the Summer Lunch and the second drop-in Coffee Morning, and July is shaping up to be busy too.  As well as today's meeting, there is the Strawberry Tea on the 18th, and another drop-in Coffee Morning on Saturday 21st. 

The speaker at today's meeting was Jackie Marshall Ward who had brought a friend along to share the presentation entitled "My Granny had one of those".  This took the form of a quiz involving all the members working in teams of six or seven.  Twelve objects were passed around for the teams to examine and discuss, after which they had to write a brief description of each one, with its purpose, its likely period of origin, and anything else they could find to say about it.  The objects were extremely varied, ranging from a button stick to Victorian cylindrical rulers, and from a pouncet box to a left-handed moustache cup.  Some members were very good, displaying unexpected knowledge in rather specialised fields!  This was a thoroughly entertaining and informative afternoon. 

The competition was for an item from Granny's day, and attracted a good number of entries. 


The eventual winner was this collection of old
kitchen gadgetry