Harlow Women's Institute

Member of the Federation of Essex Women's Institutes
Charity Registration Number 228992

Thursday 10 January 2019

Ah .... January!

There appears to be a black hole between October 2018 and January 2019 with no reports or photographs.  This is misleading; we were very busy during the second half of October and throughout November with the Group Meeting, our Autumn Bazaar, the November meeting and the Christmas lunch.  However, at that point, we had to call a halt as our ongoing building work got to a critical point and our December meeting and all the classes which take place in our Hall had to be cancelled.

Although not yet completed, the building alterations are in abeyance for the moment whilst the finances build up again.  To date, we have a magnificent accessible toilet for people in wheelchairs or who need more space and support than the average loo provides.  We also have a warm hall!  Gas central heating has been installed, the main entrance from the vestibule into the hall has been altered, and the kitchen and committee room have changed places.  All this has been made possible courtesy of the ECC Community Initiatives Fund.  There is still more to do under this funding, but we also have to find funding for the 'extras' such as decorating, and installing kitchen equipment.  Most of the groups and classes who use the hall have returned from their Christmas break, and are managing with only basic kitchen facilities, and we are grateful for this.  We hope that all work will be completed by May/June of this year, when we shall also be celebrating our 100th birthday.