Harlow Women's Institute

Member of the Federation of Essex Women's Institutes
Charity Registration Number 228992

Thursday 10 January 2019

The January Meeting

There was a good turnout for the first meeting of the year, despite seasonal ailments and cold weather.  The main talking point was how warm and welcoming the hall now is!

After the usual business of the meeting, we settled down to listen to David Webb talking about his time as a Hi-de-Hi Yellow Coat.  In their early careers, he and his twin brother Tony had formed a singing duo, and performed with some success.  However, by a lucky chance they were selected to play the twin brother Yellow Coats in the long-running and very popular Hi-De-Hi.  David recounted many incidents from his years in the show, which had his audience hooting with recognition and appreciative laughter.  He also had other show-biz stories to tell, which went down well.  The entire cast of the show became well-known and were recognised wherever they went.

David's talk gave us a happy and relaxed start to 2019.  Before he left, he judged the competition which was for a holiday souvenir.  It was won (again!) by Jean Mallett.

David Webb holding the winning entry