Harlow Women's Institute

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Friday 13 January 2023


 Who knew there were so many miniature teapots around?  Only about half our members were able to come to the January meeting, due to seasonal infections and miserable weather, but nine small teapots arrived on the competition table.

As usual, the meeting started with Jerusalem and apologies (lots of those).  Then on to the minutes of the last meeting - November’s as we were snowbound at the time of the December meeting.  After the President had signed the minutes, she became the caller for our bingo session, ably assisted by the Minutes Secretary.  The games of bingo proved very popular and we shall be holding more from time to time.  Prizes consisted of small bags of sweets.  

The refreshment break arrived with tea or coffee and mince pies, which had been preserved in the freezer since early December.  The raffle was drawn and the competition was judged.  The winning teapot is shown below.  (Photographs to follow)

After all the prizes had been collected and reminders given about the Activities Afternoon and the February meeting, we sang the National Anthem then headed home in the rain.


Forthcoming events:  (all these events are open to non-members)

Tuesday 17 January from 1pm until 4pm - Activities Afternoon (£3 including refreshments)

Wednesday 8 February at 2pm. The speaker will be Brian Carline on “Soil, Sweat and Tears”

                  Competition A personal garden/gardening photograph

We shall also be voting for a Resolution, so please remember to bring the voting slip from the December copy of WI Life.