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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Todays meeting. 'Bees: History, Hives and Produce'

Our speaker today was Mr S Beechey who gave us a vital insight to the wonderful and intriguing world of the bee or to use their proper species group name 'Hymenoptera'. We learnt exactly how our honey is made. Love them or hate them they play a vital part in our ecosystem and indeed it was Einstein is reported to have said that if the bee population became extinct, the human race would follow suit 4 years later. Whether this is true today or not with the ability to self pollinate plants, it still proves how vital bees actually to us.
The talk was extremely fascinating and Mr Beechey had us all enthhralled from start to end. If anyone would like to know more. Details can be found here on the Essex bee keepers association site. http://www.ebka.org/