Harlow Women's Institute

Member of the Federation of Essex Women's Institutes
Charity Registration Number 228992

Sunday 15 September 2013


The WI Hall was packed last Wednesday for the September meeting with forty-five members and seven visitors attending.

The business of the meeting was conducted as usual by the President and Secretary, and included reports on the two events held during August when there is no formal meeting.  By half-past two we were ready to settle down and listen to the speaker, Keith Warner, talk about events which had changed the city of London.  Mr Warner is a registered tour guide with the cities of both London and Westminster, and spoke knowledgeably and entertainingly.  We heard about changes caused by invasion, plague, fire, trade, bombs, and scientific developments.  London is vastly greater, both in area and population, than it was in the days when the Roman galleys sailed up the river to trade.  At the end of his very interesting talk, Mr Warner was thanked by Rosemarie Frost.

After the tea interval, the President persuaded Mr Warner to judge the entries in the competition for a small flower arrangement.  He agreed to do so, despite protesting that he knew nothing about flowers and that his wife wouldn't even let him water the garden.  Although there were fewer entries than in recent months, the quality of the entries was high and the eventual winner was Joan A Snell. 

The drawing of the Raffle brought the meeting to an end.  The President reminded members of the forthcoming Bazaar in October and asked for items for the stalls, particularly the cake stall, and for help behind the scenes.