Harlow Women's Institute

Member of the Federation of Essex Women's Institutes
Charity Registration Number 228992

Thursday 22 January 2015


The New Year got off to a good start with a well-attended January meeting.  Fifty people joined or renewed their membership, so we look as though we shall have as many members as last year.

Our speaker for the first meeting was Mrs J Marshall-Ward, talking about the changing shape of fashion - with particular reference to the undergarments worn to achieve a fashionable shape.  Mrs Marshall-Ward recruited half-a-dozen WI members to demonstrate the variations of outline from the pre-Elizabethan to the late Victorian period.  She was ably assisted by Marion Panzetta, and they shared many humorous anecdotes with the audience.  The talk was greatly enjoyed by all present.

After tea, Mrs Marshall-Ward judged the competition which was for an item of underwear.  The winning item appeared to be one half of the "itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka-dot bikini" and modesty forbids our naming its owner.

The winning entry

The next meeting is on Wednesday 11 February, and is a sugarcraft demonstration by Mrs S Brown.  The competition is for a decorated fairy cake.

Anyone wishing to help with the Members Day meeting in March is asked to let the President know.