Harlow Women's Institute

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Monday 21 September 2015

Centenary Lunch

Wednesday 16 September marked one hundred years since the first Women's Institute was set up in Britain.  All over the country, Institutes have been marking the Centenary with a range of different events.  Harlow WI held a buffet lunch for its members with invited guests from the local community, previous Presidents, and a trustee from the Essex Federation of Women's Institutes. 

The buffet was provided by Walker Catering who regularly supply our excellent Christmas lunch, and it proved to be another splendid spread. 

Brief speeches before and after the meal paid tribute to the diverse range of WIs through the years, and a toast was drunk to "fun, friendship and education", which neatly summarises the many facets of the present-day WI.

Two celebration cakes - one fruit, one sponge - were cut and handed to members and guests. 

A history table, holding photographs and memorabilia from Harlow's own ninety-six years of existence, provided much interest and occasional laughter.

Altogether, a very happy and enjoyable time.  Here's to the next hundred years!

Sunday 13 September 2015

After a long summer break, the September meeting felt like the first day of term with much the same atmosphere.  We talked about what we did in the holidays, passed on news of friends and family, and discussed the forthcoming term.  Although we had no Wednesday meeting during August, we did have a fish & chip lunch to which 30 members came.

Our President, Diane, is currently suffering from facial neuralgia and is finding it difficult to speak for any length of time, so the September meeting was chaired by Pat Stone who is vice-President.

The business of the meeting was quickly and efficiently dealt with and the speaker introduced.  Peter Garner gave a very interesting talk on Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, illustrated with a varied range of photographs, many showing the enormity of icebergs.  We heard about Ernest Shackleton,  a resourceful and brave man, who made several expeditions to the area during the early part of the twentieth century.  During his 1914 expedition, when his ship was crushed in the polar ice, he managed to bring his entire crew home alive, although it took them two years.  We also heard about the penguins and, indeed, a "penguin item" was the subject of the competition which was judged later by Mr Garner.

After the talk, tea was served, the raffle drawn, the competition winner announced, and flowers presented to those members with Birthdays during the month of September.

The competition was won by Jean Mallett with a very appealing carved wooden statuette of a penguin.

Forthcoming Events

Centenary Buffet Lunch - Wednesday 16 September - 12.45 for 1 pm.

WI Bazaar - Saturday 17 October - 10 am until noon. 

We wish our President a speedy recovery from the neuralgia which is causing her much pain and discomfort.