Harlow Women's Institute

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Friday 17 March 2017

Members Day

On the occasion of Members Day this year, the committee was treated to a day off whilst a volunteer team organised and ran the meeting.

The meeting was ably chaired by Lynne Hanrahan and followed the usual format with the routine business of minutes, notices and forthcoming events being dealt with first.  Then the speaker, Angela Keill, was introduced and gave a fascinating talk on life in the British Army during the 1970s.  As a young woman, Angela signed up for army life after trying a number of other occupations and finding that they didn't offer the challenges she was hoping for.  The initial basic training didn't prove too strenuous as she enjoyed marching, and the sporting opportunities which the army offered were eagerly accepted.  Travel was another bonus - she spent much time based in Germany with the chance to explore other parts of Western Europe.  On the downside, of course, was the obligation to accept orders without question; for a young person, the urge to ask "why?" is very strong.  However, she was able to adapt to the discipline and generally enjoyed Service life.  At the end of her talk, she was thanked by Jean Baker.

Then we had tea - and what a tea!  The selection of cakes was very impressive and they were all delicious - not a crumb left at the end.  The catering team had excelled themselves.

Then the raffle was drawn and Birthday flowers were presented to five members.  The competition, which was for a 'military item' was judged by Angela and the winning entry was comprised of a Field Postcard from France in 1944 and a set of 'dog tags' (see pictures below). 

The afternoon concluded with a reminder about the April meeting, and then the National Anthem was sung.

The entire afternoon was a great success and the hard work of the team of volunteers was much