Harlow Women's Institute

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Tuesday 31 July 2018

The Strawberry Tea

Some thirty members and guests enjoyed the annual Strawberry Tea on 18 July.  As well as strawberries, cream and scones, a glass of Pimms was on offer for anyone who wished (with lemonade for those who didn't).  A picture quiz rounded off the afternoon.

The guests were representatives from the Harlow Chocolate Run which was the organisation chosen to be the recipient of the proceeds from the Charity Coffee Morning in May. We have received a very kind letter of thanks from them and a photograph, shown below.

"Our sincere thanks to all the lovely ladies of the Women’s Institute (Harlow) who recently invited us along to their Summer Strawberry Tea to present us with such a generous donation raised at their Annual Charity Coffee Morning which we also attended.. you are very special, thank you!"

Thursday 12 July 2018

Whatever happened to June?

Somehow, June managed to escape me.  I forgot to take photographs of the entries to the competition (which was for a trinket box) thus missing the opportunity for some very varied and attractive pictures.  Then I forgot the report ........... 

June was a busy month with the Summer Lunch and the second drop-in Coffee Morning, and July is shaping up to be busy too.  As well as today's meeting, there is the Strawberry Tea on the 18th, and another drop-in Coffee Morning on Saturday 21st. 

The speaker at today's meeting was Jackie Marshall Ward who had brought a friend along to share the presentation entitled "My Granny had one of those".  This took the form of a quiz involving all the members working in teams of six or seven.  Twelve objects were passed around for the teams to examine and discuss, after which they had to write a brief description of each one, with its purpose, its likely period of origin, and anything else they could find to say about it.  The objects were extremely varied, ranging from a button stick to Victorian cylindrical rulers, and from a pouncet box to a left-handed moustache cup.  Some members were very good, displaying unexpected knowledge in rather specialised fields!  This was a thoroughly entertaining and informative afternoon. 

The competition was for an item from Granny's day, and attracted a good number of entries. 


The eventual winner was this collection of old
kitchen gadgetry