Harlow Women's Institute

Member of the Federation of Essex Women's Institutes
Charity Registration Number 228992

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Happy New Year to all Members and Friends

 Holding the January meeting of Harlow WI during a very cold spell of weather whilst still observing the Covid avoidance instruction to open windows, was a matter for much discussion by the committee.   However, it was eventually decided to go ahead, despite receiving quite a few advance apologies for absence.  In the event, it proved the right decision, as members flocked in (nearly a dozen more than attended the December meeting), masked and warmly clad.

This was a Social Afternoon when members and visitors are able to catch up with friends and exchange news once the WI business has been concluded.  The only other matter to be dealt with was the selection of one of the five Resolutions put forward for debate at the Annual Meeting in June.  All of the full members present handed in a completed voting form.  (As the February meeting will be quite early in the month, there is another opportunity for members absent in January to record their choice.). 

There was a short General Knowledge quiz (who knew what a collection of jellyfish is called?!), the judging of the competition, and the raffle.  The competition for the prettiest card received this Christmas was won by Pat Stone whose card had a pop-up Christmas tree inside it.  (Apologies for lack of photo - will try to do better next month)

Although we are not permitted to sing our usual Jerusalem and the National Anthem, we still enjoy the tea and (individually wrapped) biscuits which arrive midway through the afternoon, thanks to the good offices of the tea-hosting volunteers.  

At the February meeting on the 9th, the speaker will be Norman Jacobs talking about “Pie, Mash and Prefabs”, and the competition is for an original poem on any theme.